5 Dividend Stocks For Young Investors

A couple of months ago, I remember reading a piece written by fellow Seeking Alpha contributor, Damon Verial, titled, “Top 5 Dividend Stocks For Young Investors”. As a young investor myself, I was drawn to this premise and enjoyed reading Mr. Verial’s piece. However, as interesting as it was to hear his story and learn about some of his stock selection methods, I didn’t agree with a single one of his picks. Since then, I’ve wanted to write a “Top Stocks For Young Investors” type piece myself, but got sidetracked with work and several other more actionable ideas during recent weeks. Well, fast forward to mid-July and I’ve got a bit of time on my hands. What’s more, in recent weeks, somewhat coincidentally, I’ve had a couple of my contemporaries come to me, explaining that they’ve got a bit of cash stashed away, and would like to start investing with it. I’m always flattered when people seek out my opinion with regard to the stock market. I love portfolio management and spend a great deal of time and energy honing my craft as an investor. With that said, I always caution these people, whether they be friends or family or simply followers here at Seeking Alpha, that I am not a professional in the financial industry and am not in a position to give them investment advice. In my opinion, every portfolio is highly subjective. What’s right for me may not be right for you. We all have different dreams and goals and financial situations and obligations. We all have different tastes and timelines and risk tolerances. No two investors are the same, but that’s OK. The market is a vast expanse and there are many ways to skin the cat with regard to seeking financial freedom. But, even with all of that in mind, I still wanted to put together my own article in the same vein as Mr. Verial’s, putting together a list of my favorite potential picks for a young investor in today’s market. I’ve structured my piece a bit differently, but all in all, the idea is the same. In the comment section below, I hope that you’ll list your own as well. This premise should make for a great, entertaining, debate.

A Hypothetical Situation: 

When thinking about how I wanted to put this piece together, I decided to go ahead and mimic a young investor who was just starting out. This situation is somewhat similar to several that I’ve been asked about and I imagine it’s a situation that many younger investors can relate to.


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source: https://seekingalpha.com/article/4088360-top-5-dividend-stocks-young-investors