CEO Trump supporter: America needs to be ‘run like a business’

The overwhelming majority of business leaders at America’s biggest companies — Republicans included — are supporting Hillary Clinton for president. But we’d be remiss to overlook the CEOs fervently campaigning for Donald Trump.

Last month, 101 entrepreneurs and business leaders signed an open letter supporting Trump and his economic policy. Among the supporters is Tom Maoli, 54, the founder and CEO of Celebrity Motors, a luxury car dealership group based in New Jersey.

His support of Trump is primarily focused on one thing, just like the others who signed the letter — his economic plan; specifically, the promise of less regulation and less taxation.

According to Maoli, Trump embodies the American success story, despite his companies having filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection six times. “Every entrepreneur, every businessman has failures. But Trump has navigated his way through those failures.”

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