It’s Time to Flip Your Financial Focus

These 5 often-overlooked issues could make or break your retirement.

It’s time for people who pay for financial advice to raise their expectations.

I have little doubt that, at least starting out, most investors appreciate putting a priority on growth. Everybody wants to make money.

But there’s so much more that matters when it comes to managing someone’s assets, and too often it seems folks get too little advice or they get it too late to make good use of it.

We’re no longer living in a suitability world, where salespeople can simply push products. Clients need help negotiating a complicated financial landscape, and financial professionals should be acting as stewards and educators.

No matter how much you have in your portfolio; no matter how aggressively or conservatively you’re investing it; and no matter where, when or how long you see yourself living in retirement, here are five topics your adviser should be covering when you talk about your money.

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