Sneaky Obama Law Gives Banks Ability to Seize Your Bank Account

Your Bank Accounts may be at risk with this little known sneaky Obama Law

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Banks given Green Light to confiscate YOUR money

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Your bank account may lose FDIC insurance with this new Bank Tactic

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Millions of Conservative Americans are using this one simple trick to protect their Bank & Retirement Accounts

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New Law Gives Banks Ability to Seize Your Accounts

Your accounts may be at risk with the passing of a new law: The Money Market Reform Act

This little known law that was quietly signed by former President Obama at the end of his term could forfeit control of YOUR account and give it to the BANKS.

Here’s How You Could Be Affected by The Money Market Reform Act:

#1: Banks could confiscate your accounts including IRA’s and 401K’s

#2: YOUR hard-earned life savings could be used to bail out the GREEDY banks

#3: These types of accounts would no longer be FDIC insured

This sneaky law which bankers refer to as the “bail-IN” leaves millions of Americans’ bank accounts & IRA/401K’s exposed. And the absolute crazy part is they have no idea!!

Don’t leave your accounts exposed to the greedy banks – the risks are real.

Does this all sound familiar? Well it should as similar laws were passed in Greece & Cyprus right before the last financial meltdown. Citizens woke up one morning with their accounts completely wiped out with ZERO recourse.

Bottom line: How you PREPARE could mean the difference between forfeiting your accounts or protecting them with GOLD – a physical, tangible asset that the banks can’t touch.

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