Breaking News: Trump Voters Fight China/Russia Attacks with “Cheat Code”

Smart, wealthy people are moving their $$ outside the banking system. You must, too.

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Dangerous Obama rule threatens IRAs and 401(k)s

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This tricky regulation lets banks co-opt your money

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Your bank account could be at risk. The EU has joined Russia and China against us!

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Obama Rule: Banks & Brokerages Can Freeze Your Savings

A dangerous new regulation enacted toward the end of President Obama’s time in office means you have every reason to fear for the safety of your money market fund!

3 Ways this Alarming Regulation Threatens Your Financial Security:


Banks can freeze your account and refuse to honor your withdrawal!


Banks can let your share price fall – you could lose principal in a financial crisis!


Banks can charge you a fee to withdraw your money during a financial crisis!

The cash in your money market fund – including the one in your IRA and 401(k) – is supposed to be rock-solid safe. Not anymore.

Liquidity Fees
Redemption Freezes
Loss of Principal

Does this sound like a secure retirement investment?

No, it does not!

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