Breaking News: Unbelievable Obama Rule Angers Investors Nationwide

China & Russia could pose a serious threat to your retirement security

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This kryptonite to the U.S. dollar is about to obliterate your retirement

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America’s worst enemies are trying to TRASH the dollar … and YOUR IRA or 401(k)

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China & Russia Declare War on U.S. Dollar

Could the U.S.’s unbridled global economic power be coming to an end? Some of America’s most dangerous adversaries are betting on it.

China, Russia, Iran & Venezuela hate the dominance of the American dollar. They are working furiously to create new mediums of exchange that could render the dollar obsolete so they can use their own currency for international transactions.

Why should you care? Because this is an attack on your savings – including your retirement investments.

The dollar has been the world’s foremost reserve currency for decades. Now, even the EU is joining with America’s enemies. Unbelievable!

This could cause financial havoc for the U.S. and anyone holding only dollar-denominated assets. What kind of havoc? Skyrocketing inflation, soaring unemployment, runs on banks, prevention of dollar exchanges – and savings devastation, including IRAs/401(k)s.

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