Here’s how much Hillary Clinton’s tax plan would hit the rich

Hillary Clinton has often said she wants the rich to pay their “fair share.” Translation: More.

And the bevy of tax proposals she’s put forth so far would certainly raise the tax burden of the country’s highest earners, according to an analysis from the Tax Policy Center.

The top 1% of households would see their tax burden go up by more than $78,000 on average, according to the report. The top 1% are defined as households making more than $730,000.

All told, the top 1% would pay more than three-quarters of Clinton’s tax increases.

The vast majority of tax filers, however, would see little change in their after-tax income.

The caveat: The analysis could not account for a yet-to-be-released Clinton proposal to cut taxes for low- and middle-income filers.

The report estimates that Clinton’s plan would reduce deficits in the first decade by $1.1 trillion and by another $2.1 trillion in the next decade.

Here’s what she’s proposed to do so far:

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