Is This Stock The Next Big Thing?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably read and heard about an industry in radical reformation, attracting entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and investors in droves.

There’s a lot riding on this movement – political elections, cultural shifts, medical benefits, and oh… financial windfalls. Let’s take a look together at what we have discovered as possibly one of the best investment opportunities you may come across this year.

The US Cannabis market size alone is forecasted to represent approximately $44 billion dollars, and according to a recent Washington Post article, it speculates that there’s up to $120 Billion unaccounted for in what some refer to as “the black market,“ ADD in the nutritional supplement market of nearly $37 billion dollars and you have approximately a $200 billion dollar market opportunity ripe for businesses to capture. The Natural Cannabis Medication and Dietary Supplements Trend is Going Ballistic and companies like Eco Science Solutions, Inc. (Stock Quote: ESSI $1.30 -1.52% – website), are changing the entire Alternative Medicine Industry. We believe this company could be the NEXT BIG THING in Natural Cannabis Medication and Supplementation!

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