Why the economy needs Trump

From Wal-Mart to the Federal Reserve to the International Monetary Fund, there are new signs the U.S. economy is on the wrong track, a senior economic advisor to the Donald Trump campaign told CNBC on Thursday.

To make his point, David Malpass cited conservative news from Wal-Mart that broke just before his appearance on “Squawk Box.”

The giant retailer on Thursday morning reiterated its guidance for the current fiscal year, and said there would be fewer store openings than originally planned and a significantly slower store-opening pace in fiscal 2018. It also predicted flat earnings next year.

“The election presents a choice. Do you want the current policies, which Wal-Mart has given us a very clear forecast [of] … or do you want some different for the U.S.?” asked Malpass, president of economic and market research firm Encima Global.


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Source: http://www.cnbc.com/2016/10/06/why-the-economy-needs-trump-according-to-senior-economic-advisor-david-malpass.html